Sadness Turned to Joy !

Dear Family & Friends,
The database for my website was destroyed this past week.
I spent over 3 years building it, and I was completely heartbroken when I realized all my content was destroyed!

In any case, I have positive news!
I have found a wonderful responsive theme, which replaces many plugins I was using.
Now the site will work on phones, and instead of taking 2-5 minutes to load, it loads in less than 10 seconds!

Also, I’m going to put the YouTube videos on PAGES rather than in posts!
This opens up doors I had kept shut.
Now, members will be allowed to create posts!

Also, the new theme has a sticky mega menu bar that stays at the top of the page as you scroll down!
And, there will be 2 sidebars, instead of just one.
Sidebars on each side of posts and pages!

This is so awesome that my sadness has turned to joy!
I have a lot of work to do, but even so it is good to have change!
The site needed a facelift anyway.
It was slow, and now it is getting a new facelift!

Satan may have taken away all that work I did, but one thing Satan could not take from me was what I learned the 3 years I have been working on the site!


MJBYR! – May Jesus Bless You Richly!

Author: SaintlyMic

I am a true Born Again Christian Saint! I love Jesus! I love everyone!

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  1. Please join !
    You can create posts, comments, and sites too!
    Please feel free to express yourself here!
    Just please keep it clean, kind, and loving and Christian!

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