What SaintlyMic Believes, and Why !



What SaintlyMic Believes, and Why!

Let me give you a few examples about when I have kept digging for the TRUTH!


1. The Trinity and God existing as ONE PERSON.

There is ONE God.
God still exists as a trinity.
The way I was taught growing up, the math with God was 1+1+1=3, and this was taught to be more important than God being ONE or 1.




I kept digging, and before 1 X 1 X 1 = 1 was being taught in the world Jesus gave it to me!
Also, Jesus sent me to several Apostolic Pentecostal Pastors who showed me the importance of God existing as ONE PERSON.
They did not fully understand, and they could NOT explain to me further than Oneness Theology, but I kept digging, because Jesus had stressed upon me the equal importance of God existing as a trinity.


Now, I understand better than both the Oneness and the Trinitarians!
Even so, what I understand is still NOT complete!
And yet, much more complete than either the Oneness or the Trinitarian doctrines!
And, what I mean by “NOT complete” is I have not found scripture for 2 things I teach about HOW God exists as a TRINITY and as ONE PERSON, and I’ll explain about that later on in this document.


2. Salvation.

I was brought up that we were saved by grace, but that we could still lose our Salvation.
And, I was also taught OSAS, or Once Saved Always Saved!


Jesus has taught me THE TRUTH over the years from the Holy Bible, from Pastors, from Him personally, and from observing my own life and the lives of others.


I now understand that we are saved completely by grace and faith ALONE!
I know there is not one work we can do to save ourselves.
I also know now that Jesus is stronger than we are, and that HE will keep His children saved.


As far as losing our Salvation . . .

Let me say it like this . . .


We are saved ETERNALLY, forever, and no one, not Jesus (because Jesus will NEVER leave us nor forsake us), not satan, not other people, not other things, and not even ourselves, can separate us from Jesus!
Even so, IF IT WERE POSSIBLE, IF we are determined to die resisting and rejecting Jesus’ Salvation we will go to hell.
However, I believe Jesus is much much wiser, and stronger, and much much more powerful than our wisdom, our strength, our wills, and our determination!


From personal experience I can attest and confirm that Jesus will NEVER allow nor let ME destroy myself!
Jesus will NEVER let me walk away from Him without Jesus drawing me back to Him.




And, by destroy, I mean, Jesus will not let me wonder from Him in sin to the point that I cannot escape the power, the influence, the corruption, and penalty of sin!
Even IF I find myself IN sin Jesus is so strong and powerful that He makes me to hate that sin, makes me abhor that sin, and makes me to not want to have anything to do with that sin, and then Jesus removes that sin, and Jesus removes the penalty of that sin, and then Jesus removes ME from that sin!


As Jesus has said, He will let us fall so that HE will make us WHITE AS SNOW!


3. Jesus being God.

As in my first explanation Jesus Christ exists as ONE PERSON, not 3 persons!
AND, Jesus Christ is God, and that is as important as God being ONE PERSON and a TRINITY at the same time!


Before I even understood God’s ONENESS I understood, or at least believed, that Jesus Christ was God.
As a child I believed God was ONE, but when my understanding began to grow I understood the importance of Jesus Christ being God!


It SEEMED no one else cared for many years, and then I met the Apostolic Pentecostals, who, even in their error of Modalism, actually understood more than anyone else of the importance of Jesus Christ being God!
Instead of just BELIEVING Jesus is God (like almost ALL Catholics and Protestants), they held strong to the utmost importance of Jesus Christ being God, and they UNDERSTOOD the importance of putting forth the FACT that Jesus Christ is God!


Even so, their explanation as to HOW Jesus Christ was God was in Error, and I knew it!
And, after I saw the errors of the Oneness and Trinitarians Jesus separated me from ALL denominations for many years!
Instead of being part of a denomination Jesus made me into a watcher, or a watchman.
Jesus led me to observe, to soak in, to consider what was being taught, by as many denominations as I could listen to and study with.


I started to detest what I was hearing, and for a few years I didn’t want to listen to anyone on this earth!
I focused my attention on Jesus and His Holy Word, and I began questioning Jesus HIMSELF about HOW He is God, and HOW He exists as God!


Now I understand more than them all!
Not because I am wiser, nor because I am more Holy, nor because I am more chosen than them.
But, because I sought Jesus Himself for the answers!
And, because we are in the last days!


Jesus wants us to know NOW more than ever!
For a long time now, at least for 40 years that I know of, people have associated an increase of knowledge with becoming cold and heartless!
This is a grave error!


Sin and hate are increasing because of the increase of the knowledge of sin!
The more a person sins the more a person learns and knows and understands why sin is desirable.
So, people increase in their selfishness and sin and hate because they are learning HOW to love it!


Even so, the more we know about Jesus the less we sin and the more we are drawn to Jesus!
So, even though the knowledge of sin increases in the last days, the knowledge of Jesus Christ increases as well, and even more so, as we get closer and closer to Jesus Christ’s Rapture and Jesus Christ’s 2nd Coming!


So, since we are in the last days, and because Jesus has given His Children His Mind and His Holy Spirit, we are being given knowledge that is HIDDEN in the Holy Bible!
We are being given knowledge of Jesus Christ that has NEVER been known by mankind before!


Some Prophets wrote what Jesus told them, but they personally did NOT understand everything they wrote at that time, and even IF they understood they were treated as if they were not men of God, and their knowledge and understanding was refused and mocked, just as Christians and antichristians are doing today!


Being a Christian, and being warned many times by many Christians to NOT accept ANYTHING that does not come from the Holy Bible, I do my best to distance myself from ANYTHING that is NOT in the Holy Bible!


(I am not saying that what I believe is not in the Holy Bible.)
(I have not found 2 things I teach in the Holy Bible, yet.)
( I have not found where it is said that the Father is God’s Mind, and the Son is God’s Soul, and those are the only 2 things I have not found in the Holy Bible, yet.)


Even so, Jesus told me that what HE is teaching me about Himself will NOT be accepted by most people and most Christians until He reveals it to them at the Rapture!
And, that is fine with me now, because I KNOW that what I know now comes from Jesus Himself, and NOT from an idea or concept of man, such as the Trinitarian and Oneness Modalists doctrines!


Neither the Trinitarian doctrine, nor the Oneness Modalist doctrine, have Biblical evidence to support their doctrines, and yet BILLIONS of people believe them!


What I teach lines up more with scripture than either of those doctrines.
And, most importantly, what I am teaching completely lifts up Jesus as both God and Christ, and does NOT deny the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit!


What I believe lines up with WHO humans and Christ are, and HOW we exist as humans!
What I believe fills in the gaps from both the Oneness and Trinitarian doctrines!
What I believe shows HOW Jesus is God, and HOW God can be a TRINITY and ONE PERSON at the same time!


What else do I believe?


I have posted on other places on my website what I believe.
I will give you a short answer HERE, and I will give you several links to more detailed explanations.


Trinitarians teach that God exists as 3 persons.
The Father being ONE person.
The Son being ONE person.
And, the Holy Spirit being ONE person.


Oneness Modalists counter Trinitarians by teaching that God exists having become 3 different modes; hence, Modalism.
In other words, Oneness Modalists believe God first became the Father by creating humans in mode ONE.
Then, the Father became the Son in Mode TWO.
Then, the Son, who WAS the Father, became the Holy Spirit in mode THREE.
This is as great an error as the Trinitarians saying the ONE GOD exists as 3 persons.


What is right?


So, I kept seeking until I received the right answer!
I listened to many churches and their doctrines and not one church is right!


Even the Jews of today are wrong because they either REJECT that Jesus is both God and Christ, or they have accepted to believe the Trinitarian doctrine that God exists as 3 persons, and some Jews have adopted the Modalist doctrine!


Talk about feeling lonely, confused, and lost concerning HOW God exists!
I hated the fighting, the name calling, and the evil and hate I witnessed from EVERYONE!
So, I left them all and went directly to Jesus!


Jesus has taught me that HE is God!
Jesus has taught me that HE exists as ONE PERSON!
Jesus has taught me that God exists as ONE PERSON!
Jesus has taught me that HE exists as a trinity!
Jesus has taught me that God exists as a trinity!


(This is without a doubt true, and believing God exists as a trinity is what differentiates most Christians from antichristians!)
(Most Christians KNOW in their hearts that God does exist as a trinity!)
(You do NOT have to believe God is a trinity to be Born Again!)


Jesus has taught me HOW He exists as a trinity, and HOW He exists as God, and HOW He exists as ONE PERSON!
Jesus has also taught me HOW He can be God and a man at the same time!


If God doesn’t exist as 3 persons

then HOW can He exist as a TRINITY

and as ONE PERSON at the same time?


That has been my question to Jesus for more than 30 years!
I’m still learning, but what I have is far better and explains better than both the Oneness Modalist’s and the Trinitarian’s doctrines.


God exists as PARTS, not PERSONS!


God created us IN His image and AFTER His likeness.
We are the key to explaining God; not an egg, nor H2O, nor a 3 leaf clover!




Jesus created us to be the key to understanding HOW God exists!


Well, How do WE exist?


We exist having a mind, a soul, a spirit, and a body of flesh.
Jesus revealed to me that He created us to be like Him in every way, except for the powers and abilities He has.


God has a Mind, and He created us to have a mind.
God has a Soul, and He created us to have a soul.
God has a Spirit, and He created us to have a spirit.


The only part God created us to have that He did NOT have was His flesh.
God created us to have flesh . . . to bring forth HIS flesh.
So, God treasures His flesh, and yet, God never sinned once He became flesh.


God’s Mind = Christ’s Mind
God’s Soul = Christ’s Soul
God’s Spirit = Christ’s Spirit = Holy Spirit
God’s Flesh = Christ’s Flesh


God’s Mind = The Father
God’s Soul = The Son
God’s Spirit = The Holy Spirit
God’s Flesh = The Son


The Son of God fulfills 2 roles regarding God’s Parts: i.e.,


Son = Soul and Flesh.


The math with God goes like this:


Before God became flesh: 1 X 1 X 1 = 1
After God became flesh: 1 X 1 X 1 X 1 = 1


Father X Son X Spirit = 1 = ONE GOD
Mind X Soul X Spirit X Flesh = 1 = ONE GOD


If God existed as 3 persons the math would have to be: 1 + 1 + 1 = 3 ;

But, God exists as ONE PERSON, not THREE PERSONS!


It is wrong to believe God exists as 3 persons, and Jesus allowed satan to bring up the muslims to come against that teaching to shame Christians, and God has used antichristian people like the muslims to bring the Christians to know that what they teach about God existing as 3 persons is in ERROR!


And, Jesus created me, and Jesus changed me, and Jesus has prepared me to come against everyone who is wrong, whether they be Christian or antichristian!


The Trinitarian doctrine is in error, but the muslims are in greater error because they deny that Jesus is both God and Christ.
Muslims reject the fact that Jesus is the Son of God, that Jesus is God, that Jesus died, and muslims deny the fact that Jesus raised Himself from the dead.
Even so, muslims have one thing right about God, and that is God exists as ONE PERSON!


And, what is so shameful for Christians is that most Christians believe the lie that God exists as 3 persons, and the muslims who are antichristian, do NOT believe that God exists as 3 persons!


We are in the last days, and knowledge about Jesus is increasing, and you will find doctrines about Jesus that come from devils and the minds of men.
What I have given you is NOT from MY mind, nor from the minds of men, nor is it doctrines of devils.


What I am giving you is from Jesus Christ Himself!


Please don’t let the minds of men, and the minds of devils, limit you in growing closer to Jesus; and, please don’t let anyone, or any thing, stop you from growing in your knowledge of Jesus Christ!


Remember, the Trinitarian doctrine was born from the “DARK AGES”, and not from Jesus Christ!
Jesus winked at that doctrine for a season, but not any longer!


Believing in the trinitarian doctrine will NOT remove your Salvation, and the trinitarian doctrine cannot prevent you from being saved.
Even so, the trinitarian doctrine will limit your ability to grow in the knowledge of HOW Jesus is God, and HOW Jesus is a trinity, and HOW God still exists as ONE PERSON!


The doctrine of modalism will NOT take away your salvation, and it cannot prevent you from being saved!
Even so, the modalist doctrine can lead you into an improper understanding about HOW Jesus is God.


My suggestion to you is a Christian suggestion.
I suggest you go directly to Jesus and ask Him about what I have shared with you.
I suggest you meditate and think deeply about what I have shared with you.
If you honestly do this Jesus will reward you, and maybe Jesus will add to what you have learned from me.


I am ALWAYS ready to grow!
I am always going over what I have written, and I always pray about what I have written, because I do NOT want to be in ERROR!
In fact, Jesus is always showing me new things!


People have stopped talking to me for sharing this with them.
People stopped giving me rides to church when I shared this with them.
People have told me I am teaching a heresy and a lie when I shared this with them.
I asked all of them to explain to me HOW I am wrong, but I NEVER get an answer.
They send me to their doctrines, as if sending me there proves I am wrong.


How is it wrong to say God exists as parts?
We humans exist as parts.
God created us IN His image and AFTER His likeness.
In what form or forms did God exist before He became flesh?
In the Spirit that is exactly how WE exist!


One last thing . . .


As far as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit communicating with each other.
Trinitarians use that as their evidence that God exists as 3 persons.




Our minds and brains communicate with every other part in our flesh and being.
If our hands are burning our hands communicate this with our brains, and then our brains tell us what to do, then we in turn remove our hands from the source that is burning our hands.
Are our minds, and our brains, and our hands separate individuals and persons because they communicate with each other?




Our parts communicate with each other just as God’s parts communicate with each other.
We are created to be like God, both Spiritually and physically.
Even so, God exists on a level that will FOREVER be higher, and deeper, and older, and more complicated, and wiser, than humanity.


God is different than humanity by His power, His knowledge, and His abilities.
Also, unlike humanity, God’s parts can communicate with each other individually and collectively, and we cannot do that.


In some instances we can learn to do miraculous things with our minds and bodies, which marvel human beings, and which amaze us, such as athletes, and mathematicians, and artists, etc., but no one can do the things Jesus can do, unless He makes them able, and He will NOT let the wicked do them, except in the latter days, such as healings, and fire coming down from heaven, or from the sky.


In any case, I have brought MY case before you to look upon, and to judge.
Do as you will.
I will NOT hate you, no matter what you decide.
I LOVE YOU, and more importantly, I LOVE JESUS!


Here are the links I promised you that explain in more detail what I have shared with you here.


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