God in Perspective



God in Perspective


God in Perspective

By: SaintlyMic


Not all Patriarchs are listed



1st Grade Perspective

Adam and Eve and most of their children are in the first example.

They only knew very little about God.

This is evident, because most of Adam and Eve’s children became ignorant about God, and did not even want to hear the name of God, and they didn’t want to retain God in their minds.
So, we can safely say that the characters in this perspective didn’t know that much about God.

Adam and Eve and a few of their children knew God was one person.


2nd Grade Perspective

Noah is in this example.
Again, Noah did not know that much about God, and yet he obeyed God, and built a huge Ark.
Noah learned faith and patience.

Noah trusted God.

Noah learned that God can be trusted, because God is faithful to keep His promises, and patient regarding the sins of humanity.

Noah understood a little more about God than did Adam and Eve.

Noah knew God was one person.


3rd Grade Perspective

Abraham is in this example.

Abraham trusted God too.

In a symbolic way Abraham was trying to fulfill the prophecy of Christ.
Abraham was willing to obey God at any cost, even the cost of his first born son with Sarah.

God gave Abraham a better understanding than that of Noah.

Abraham knew God was one person.


4th Grade Perspective

Moses is in this example.

God saved Moses’ life right after he was born.

God elevated Moses within the Egyptian’s royalty.

Moses saw the plight of the Jews, and he pitied them.
God smiled on Moses and gave him an understanding that surpassed all previous Saints.

God delivered Moses from various situations which confounded the Egyptians.

God gave Moses the law to give to the Jews.

God used Moses to do many things, and because of that Moses grew a lot, and learned a lot about God’s character.

Moses believed God was one person.

5th Grade Perspective

Isaiah is in this example.

Isaiah was given a lot of prophecy concerning God and Jesus Christ.

Isaiah said that the coming Christ would be called the mighty God.

Isaiah knew that God was one person.


6th Grade Perspective

David is in this example.

God taught David boldness during a very bloody time.

God gave David courage, strength, a high intelligence, and a heart that was after God to do God’s will.

David prophesied of the coming Messiah.

David knew God was one person.


All these faiths are good!
At this time we know more now than what the patriarchs knew during their time, because we have their testimonies.
Jesus planned for knowledge of Him to grow over a long period of time.

God has told us in the Holy Bible that knowledge would increase in the last days, and this is coming true today.

We are learning more about God than any other time in history!


7th Grade Perspective

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego

These three learned a very scary lesson.

The wicked ones hated them so much that they sent the three to an early hell.

But, Jesus delivered them all; God delivered them all.

These three knew God as one person and met him in the fire unharmed.


8th Grade Perspective

Daniel is in this example.

Daniel was delivered from blood thirsty, man eating lions.

Daniel was also given a lot of prophecies concerning the times of the tribulation.

Daniel knew that God was one person.


9th Grade Perspective

John, who wrote the book of John, is in this example.

John made it very clear that Jesus is both God and Christ.

John taught that the Father and Son of God are ONE person!


10th Grade Perspective

Christ is in this example.

Christ stated several times that He and the Father are one.

Christ also said that He is the “One” that should come.
That “One” to come to earth is God.

Christ said that He is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


11th Grade Perspective

Trinitarian and Oneness Doctrines are in this example.

Trinitarians teach that God exists as 3 Persons.

Oneness teach that Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are roles of God.

Both of these doctrines are NOT Biblical.

The trinitarian doctrine is a polytheistic pagan perspective.

God exists as a trinity, but NOT as a trinity of persons.


12th Grade Perspective

Jesus exists as both God and Christ in this example.

Jesus gave me this doctrine approximately 10-12 years ago.

God exists having 3 Spiritual Parts.

God’s Mind = The Father.

God’s Soul = The Son.

God’s Spirit = The Holy Spirit or The Holy Ghost.

It was God’s Soul that BECAME flesh.



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