The Raging River of Destruction!



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06/26/2021 09:02:41 PM


The Raging River of Destruction!


I only slept for an hour and a half this morning, from 8:30 AM – 10 AM.
Even so, I had a dream and remembered some of it.

I dreamed I was at boarding school again, but I was an adult.
None of the teachers or children paid any attention to me.

I remember trying so hard to leave the school.
I tried many times to leave but I could not leave.

Then I was able to leave, and I started walking down that mountain road from the school.

The road suddenly turned into a raging river.
The river was shallow, but it was very slippery.
All kinds of debris was flowing down the river real fast.

I remember being frightened by the raging river.
The river flowed to the left, and another road was to the right.
The road to the right was dry, calm, and peaceful, but I could not get away from the river!
I tried to get away from the river, but the current was too strong.
And, there were people from the school trying to make me go down the river.

Then I remembered to cry out to Jesus!
And, as I prayed to Jesus I woke up.
And, as I woke up I told those people in the dream that the dream was only a dream.
Then I woke up completely at 10 AM.

End of dream.

. . .

SaintlyMic’s Micro-Prophecies
06/26/2021 09:49:14 PM




Here is a possible Micro-Prophecy from the dream I had this morning.

Will the schools of the world ignore the truth during the tribulation?
What a very sad time the tribulation is going to be!
So many teachers and children will be headed for hell!

Is the raging river the way of the world?
Is the left road the way of the world?
Will that slippery, violent road carry people away to eternal destruction?

Is the road to the right the right way?
Is the road to the right the peace of Christ?
If so, then that road is calm, and NOT a slippery slope!

Thank you Jesus for showing me to cry unto you for help in the dream!

. . .

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