Jesus Compared to Creation




Jesus Compared to Creation


Jesus gave this to SaintlyMic many years ago!

This illustration/analogy has increased over the years.






Imagine Jesus being in Heaven in Spirit form.

Imagine Jesus sitting on His throne.

Imagine Jesus holding His right hand up in the air with the tip of His index finger pointing down, and His left hand below His right hand palm side up.


Now imagine Jesus creating all time and the entire universe and space.

Imagine all time and space and the universe being inside a drop of spiritual water.

Imagine that drop of water hanging on to the tip of Jesus’ index finger on His right hand.

Then imagine that drop of water falling toward Jesus’ left palm.

Once that drop of water touches Jesus’ left palm it disintegrates into nothing.


Now, before that drop touches Jesus’ left palm, Jesus dives into that drop Spiritually, and becomes a man.

Then, Jesus dies, comes back to life, and removes His fleshly body from that drop of water.

And, just before that drop of water disintegrates Jesus pulls His Children from that drop of water too.

Then, Jesus and His children return to that drop of water for 1,000 years, and then leave again, just before that drop of water finally disintegrates permanently.

Everyone and everything left in that drop of water is destroyed and is sent to the lake of fire.


Then, Jesus creates a New Heaven, and a New Earth, and a New Jerusalem that is much better than anything that existed in that drop of water.

Now, imagine Jesus creating something that did not rely on the physics of the old universe!

That is how awesome and powerful Jesus Christ is!

And, Jesus is eternal, meaning He is even larger and more powerful than my illustration and analogy!


I hope this illustration has blessed you!



May Jesus Bless You Richly!



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