I died for Jesus !



I have had this dream several times, and each time I had the dream it would start in different scenes.
Every time I have had this dream it was during the 7 year tribulation.

It has been a long time since I had this dream, and I may have written down this dream somewhere, but tonight I looked for the dream and I could not find it, so I am writing down this dream tonight, and I am posting it on JESUSisGOD.tv tonight, August 26, 2019.

I hope this dream blesses you and increases your faith and trust in Jesus!


I died for Jesus !


I found myself in a city, and in this city most houses were vacant and empty.
I found myself with a group of Christians, and we were looking for a house that we could hide in and rest in for the night.
We were hiding from the antichrists, and they were riding around in truckloads searching for Christians.

Our group came upon a yellow house that had a Texas Star on the front.
We entered the house, and as we looked around we found a secret button on the fireplace, and when we pushed that button the entire fireplace moved to the right.

A hidden stairway was exposed, and it led to a hidden room in the attic.
In the attic we found communications equipment, but it was of no use for us for some reason, and I cannot remember why.

After a few minutes several truckloads of antichristians found us, and they took our entire group to the nearest prison.
At the prison many of our group were weeping and crying.
Some of them took the mark of the beast, but most of us rejected the mark.

Jesus urged me to comfort those that were crying and heartbroken, and I was able to get them to trust in Jesus.

Then, some time later the next morning the police came, tied our hands behind our backs, and led us to a back door to the prison.
That door led to a wooden platform, and on that platform were guillotines that stretched out as far as the eye could see.
The police put each of us behind a guillotine and made us get on our knees.

Down below the wooden platform were a great multitude of people, and they were shouting at us and cursing us saying that we deserved to die.
The police that were with us on the platform gave a long speech about why we deserved to die.

Then, the police forced our heads into the guillotines and commanded our heads to be cut off.
So, the police cut off our heads.

As soon as my head was cut off the power of Jesus Christ’s Holy Spirit moved me to reach around the guillotine, pull my head from the basket, and then I stood up and put my head back on my shoulders, and then I looked into their eyes and SHOUTED,The last thing I saw before I died was the shock and horror on the antichristian’s faces, and the terror in their eyes.
Then my body crumpled to the ground, and I died.

And, then, I woke up from the dream !


This dream never disturbed me, nor did it ever make me afraid.
Jesus showed me through this dream that I might die for Him, and I have accepted that I may have to die for Jesus.


Jesus has given me other dreams where I lived, and where I was raptured ALIVE at the First Resurrection.
I combined several of those dreams and I wrote a short story in 2011.

Here is the link to that story:





I hope more than anything that these two documents of my dreams bless you and give you hope!


Jesus has given me many dreams, and I cannot remember most of them.
However, Jesus has only given me ONE vision!

Here is the link to that vision:


SaintlyMic’s Vision 1993




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