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1 thought on “ Member Login / Logout

  1. Membership Login UPDATE !

    When you sign up on there is NOT a message or prompt telling you that you have successfully signed up.

    Instead, you will be directed to your profile page I set up.

    There are 2 login pages.

    Both work on desktops and laptops; however, the main WordPress login page with the JESUSisGOD spinning cube does NOT work on smartphones, so if you are using a smartphone and you encounter the login page with the spinning cube you will NOT be able to login there.

    Instead, I created another way to login, and you can find that login page from several places on; that login page does NOT have the spinning cube.

    The main place to find the working login page is from the main menu at the top of the site in the MEMBERS AREA tab.

    At first I became frustrated with the spinning cube login page, but Jesus revealed to me that it is an unexpected security measure against hackers!

    When you do sign up to be a member please check your email to get the activation link; once you activate your new members account you will be allowed to participate in the site, and you will be allowed to create posts, sites, and make comments, etc.

    I hope more than anything that blesses you richly!

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