Jesus Has Saved My Life Many Times !

Jesus Has Saved My Life Many Times !

During my lifetime Jesus has saved my life many times!
Satan has been trying to kill me nearly my whole life!
And, now that Jesus has moved me to create, I am certain Jesus has kept me alive to do many great things for Him!
I have no idea when I will die, nor how I will die, but one thing I know for certain is I’m ready to die for Jesus when He calls me home!


I hope this document helps you to grow closer to Jesus.
Please don’t worry about dying.
As long as you are ALIVE Jesus has plans to use you too!

This document will take me a while to complete.
I will add stories as Jesus brings them to remembrance, so please check back every now and then and you may see more stories!


The Tomato Incident
When I was a little child I did not like tomatoes.
I was told by my parents to eat everything on my plate, and I had a little cherry tomato left to eat, so I tried swallowing the tomato whole.
The tomato got stuck in my windpipe somehow and I nearly choked to death.

My dad slapped me on the back but nothing happened, so my dad shoved his finger down my throat and broke up the tomato.
At that point I was able to cough up the tomato.
I remember telling my family that I saw my whole life play out before my eyes.
I can’t remember if I actually saw my whole life, but I do remember I almost died!


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