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SaintlyMic’s Active Worlds !


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Dear Family, Friends, & Strangers,

SaintlyMic’s History and the JESUSisGOD Sites History !

SaintlyMic was born as Mickey Smith in 1967.
SaintlyMic became BORN AGAIN in 1973.

Between 1993-1996 Jesus called SaintlyMic to go on a two year solo missionary hike North from Baltimore, Maryland to the Canadian border, and then South to Boston, Massachusetts, and then West from Saint Augustine, Florida to El Dorado, Arkansas.

Jesus gave the website to SaintlyMic in 1998.
Jesus also gave Mickey Smith the name “SaintlyMic” in 1998.

Jesus gave SaintlyMic in 2010.

Jesus then gave SaintlyMic the resources and tools to finish building the main parts of between 2016-2018. and all the JESUSisGOD sites are an ongoing editing process, so please check back often to see the changes, and to see new things!

Please visit the Chatroom and leave a message!

If you have any recommendations, suggestions, advice, questions, comments, or concerns about please contact SaintlyMic.


Please Contact SaintlyMic !

You may contact SaintlyMic by joining this site and then sending SaintlyMic a message.
Or, you may contact SaintlyMic by phone or email below !


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Phone: 1-443-374-8550

Email: Donations ! Donations !

Donations help the needy, for Tracts and Bibles, and for running !
SaintlyMic started accepting donations for on 11-30-2017 !


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