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How to become BORN AGAIN

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Do Aliens Exist ? –

Do Aliens Exist ?


Do Aliens Exist ?

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Do Aliens Exist?

I have come to Jesus about this subject many times for many years.

There could be aliens, but I don’t believe it.


Because their continued existence would be based on the timeline Jesus has set for us.

Jesus will one day destroy this entire universe, and even time itself, so if there are aliens their existence would end when this universe ends.

Also, aliens, if they existed, would have started sometime when Jesus created the universe.

If there are aliens they would not be any more ancient than humans.


In any case, I do not believe in aliens.

UFO sightings could be anyone or anything, including demons, who may be trying to lure us from trusting in Jesus for salvation.


I am an old sci-fi fan, and over the many years I have come to see that most sci-fi movies portray aliens as far superior to us mentally and technologically.

I have noticed that many movies and people think aliens can deliver us from all the evils in this world.

Such beliefs draw people away from Christ, so I am gradually starting to hate sci-fi movies.

I now watch sci-fi movies for the advanced technological ideas presented.

I no longer care for the alien aspects of sci-fi movies, because they convey hope and faith in beings other than trusting in Jesus Christ.

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How to become BORN AGAIN

How to become BORN AGAIN

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